What is Skills Recognition?

Benefits for enterprises
Confirming employee competence Identifying training needs of...
Benefits for employees
Formally recognising the skills, knowledge and experience that people already...
Challenging some assumptions about skills recognition
There is often an assumption that Skills Recognition is highly reliant on...
An outline of the process
The chart below provides a general outline of the SR process. This six-step...

Skills Recognition: another way to reach your goals


What is Skills Recognition?

Skills Recognition, sometimes called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or recognition of current competencies (RCC) is the process of gaining formal recognition – a national qualification - for the skills and knowledge that you have obtained through your work history, previous study and life experience

Applicants/Candidates wanting to know about Skills Recognition 

will have access to information about what  Skills Recognition can do for you, and how it works in the Australian Rail Industry. You are given step by step information about how you can gain formal qualification for skills and knowledge that you have obtained through your work history, previous study and life experience. Having your skills recognised is another way to reach your career goals;   it can be quicker, easier and cheaper than traditional training processes. So, Skills Recognition can assist you in job seeking or in a current position in the rail industry, because it can give a formal qualification, such as a certificate or part of a certificate, for skills and experience if don't have a certificate yet for more... go to SR for applicants

Assessors and trainers using this website will have ready access to information tailored to the Australian rail industry, which they can use to assist Skills Recognition applicants through the process for more... go to SR for assessors

Managers and senior level employees in rail organisations

People in rail organisations who are not employed in Human Resources, trainer or assessor roles can familiarise themselves with both the process and the benefits of using Skills Recognition in this safety critical industry for more... go to SR for rail organisations


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