The Role of RTOs in Skills Recognition

The registered training organisation's role is to provide a fair, flexible, reliable and current assessment process for the candidate and frequently a fee is required for Skills Recognition services. This means that the candidate, or employing organisation, must pay the registered training organisation to carry out the assessment process. This should be carefully considered before entering into any agreement for Skills Recognition.

The registered training organisation, or RTO, must provide assessment services that observe national guidelines to ensure the integrity of the process. RTOs must also have appeals mechanisms for candidates. So, while we require the RTO to do what is best for the candidate, the assessment process has to be rigorous.

If the candidate is deemed to be competent in all of the units of competency that make up qualification or skill set then the RTO can issue a qualification. However, if there are gaps in the candidate's competence then the RTO will usually identify these gaps and suggests different ways in which the candidate could undertake further training. This could be a combination of on and off-the-job training.