The processing of assessing the evidence

Assessing the evidence

Your assessor will now make a judgement of the evidence collected in the previous stages. Your evidence will be checked for validity to ensure that it meets the assessment criteria, and that it’s sufficient to demonstrate that you have the required skills and knowledge. Your assessor will need to confirm your previous work experience with someone (such as your supervisor or employer) who can vouch for your skills over a period of time.

If the assessor requires further evidence, you will be contacted to provide additional information. This could be done by:

  • telephone
  • face-to-face interview
  • submission of additional evidence

Finally, your assessor will decide which units of competency you should be awarded.

Results and feedback

Once your application has been assessed, your assessor will contact you with the result and feedback. You will be advised which units of competency you have successfully completed, and also of any unsuccessful units. You will also be advised whether you have gained a full qualification or if gaps have been identified during the recognition process. Your assessor will be able to help you to develop a plan for any gap training required.

If your application is unsuccessful, you should receive clear feedback from your assessor as to why.

It is possible to appeal the decision on your SR application, if you feel you have been assessed unfairly or incorrectly. Your assessor must provide you with details about the appeals process.