The kinds of 'evidence' that you can gather for your assessor

In Australia we use a competency based training system; assessment is the process of using evidence to make judgments or decisions about whether a applicant or student meets the requirements of a particular unit of competence. If the assessment is undertaken by skills recognition, the term 'evidence' includes (but is not limited to) anything you can produce to show your assessor that you already have the skills and knowledge to meet competency requirements and industry standards. There are four broad types of evidence that your assessor can draw on to assess your competency:

  • work activities, including observation of you performing relevant tasks
  • structured activities, including simulation, demonstration and activity sheets
  • questioning, through conversations or written questions
  • portfolios, which include collections of evidence you compile

Your assessor will probably choose a combination of these assessment methods, depending on your situation.

The emphasis should be on the quality of the evidence, not the quantity.