Skills test, challenge tests and demonstration

You may be asked to complete an assessment assignment—sometimes called a challenge test. This might be a written test or hands on demonstration in a test environment, to assess your performance in specific tasks.

Some competencies are best demonstrated practically, either by observation in the workplace, or by setting practical tasks for you to complete. If at all possible, the assessor should try to observe you performing the required competencies/tasks in the course of real work in your workplace. Any gaps in the evidence or doubts raised in other parts of the assessment can also be explored through demonstration of practical skills in the workplace or in a simulated environment.

Your assessor may then, organise an observation or a practical skills test (challenge test) at your workplace (if relevant) or another suitable location.

A practical demonstration may be considered particularly important if you are applying for units of competency that involve critical safety or risk factors. If a workplace demonstration is impractical, practical demonstration in a simulated workplace may be arranged.

For some competencies in the rail industry, simulation may be preferred. For example simulation may be preferred if the safety of yourself, the assessor, other workers or the public could be compromised by conducting a practical demonstration in the workplace. Simulation can also enable the competencies associated with infrequent events, emergencies or degraded situations—which are unlikely to occur during the course of a workplace demonstration—to be assessed.