Skills Recognition and Rail Safety Workers

Many people working in the rail industry can be described as Rail Safety Workers. Rail safety workers include employees, contractors, subcontractors or volunteers performing work on a railway system. This type of work includes (but is not limited to):

  • driving or dispatching rolling stock
  • signalling
  • maintaining, repairing, modifying, monitoring, inspecting, certifying or testing rolling stock or rail infrastructure
  • working on or near rail infrastructure
  • installation or maintenance of telecommunications systems or electricity systems relating to rail infrastructure or rolling stock
  • work involving the decommissioning, including any part or component, of rail infrastructure or rolling stock
  • work involving the development, management or monitoring of safe working systems for railways
  • work involving the management or monitoring of passenger safety on, in or at any railway

Some rail operators may have internal policies that relate to Skills Recognition (or RPL, RCC) for Rail Safety workers. You will need to liaise with employers to ensure you comply with their requirements.