Further resources for Assessors and Trainers

COAG Recognition of Prior Learning Project

Includes Good Practice case studies



To learn more about e-portfolios, the following resources are useful:

The Flexible Learning Web Site


A copy of the research paper Mapping the use of ePortfolios in recognising skills and attaining professional standing can be downloaded from


Making Connections (Skills Recognition Newsletter for assessors and RTOS): http://www.acpet.edu.au/article/612/skills-recognition-making-connections/

RPL Network On-line for assessors/workplace trainers: http://www.optinsolutions.com.au/drupal/RON

The Training Support Network (TSN) website

This is a service provided by the Victorian Government to Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

Home page: http://trainingsupport.skills.vic.gov.au/default.cfm

Information about Skills Recognition: http://trainingsupport.skills.vic.gov.au/skills_rec_tool/default.cfm?menu=3&submenu=3

The Commonwealth and NSW governments jointly funded the NSW COAG RPL Program which was  managed by the NSW Department of Education and Communities. They aimed to provide streamlined and simplified Skills Recognition processes and to devise processes to minimise the cost to applicants. Much of this information was developed in 2009, however some examples are still useful


Analysis of the Council Of Australian Governments Recognition of Prior Learning program: appendix 2; useful case studies


Additional Resources