Doing a Self-assessment

Self-assessment involves listing all of your relevant experience, education, qualifications, work experience and informal learning that could contribute towards the formal recognition of your skills. Self-assessment is how you prepare your information for you assessment  meeting, than an actual assessment, since only a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) can assess your skills formally. A self-assessment can   help you to decide whether you may already have enough prior experience and/or study to meet some or all of the requirements for a qualification.

There is a sample Self-Assessment Checklist at the end of this section. Alternatively, some training or career websites have on-line self-assessment or self-evaluation tools. For example, the NSW Government Skills Recognition self-evaluation tool can help you to determine whether your current skills and knowledge might count towards a qualification in particular areas:

Self-assessment checklists can also be accessed from some public or private training organisations and/or their websites.