A Competency conversation

Having gathered the evidence accessible to you, you will meet with your assessor, in person or via telephone, etc. This meeting is often called a 'competency conversation' or a 'professional conversation'.

The conversation is conducted by the assessor with questions prepared by them in advance. The conversation is intended to help you recall examples of your relevant knowledge and skills.

Your assessor will note your responses to questions to gather enough evidence to enable a judgement to be made. You may be asked to give detailed answers to demonstrate your knowledge. If you provide photos, for example, they may be used to stimulate conversation. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your own work, giving the assessor an idea of the range of equipment you use, safety precautions you take and the environmental factors you deal with.

Some assessors are required to conduct a Literacy and Numeracy Assessment to establish your mathematics, reading and writing competencies.

An assessor may prefer to audio record the conversation, rather than take notes. An assessor cannot record the conversation without asking your permission and receiving your consent.