Developing relevant tools for rail industry Skills Recognition applicants


An RTO has developed individual RPL kits for particular units of competence relevant to the rail industry. Applicants seeking RPL are provided with an ‘evidence guide’ that gives a range of suggestions for appropriate evidence including third party reports, photographs and videos of workplace competence:

‘We’ve developed an individual RPL kit with every unit of competence … so if someone rings up and says “Look, I need to apply for RPL”, we’ll send them out and tell them exactly what needs to be covered … We have an evidence guide that we give them, so we’ll say “If you want to achieve this unit, here’s a list of 10 different things you can provide us. (Rail industry RTO)Selection and induction’


The Skills Recognition process can enable organisational skill gaps and skill capacities to be identified as soon as new employees begin with the organisation. This is an important factor in maintaining the morale of new employees and increases the level of trust which the employee holds for the new organisation.