Job analysis and redesign

A good job-person fit occurs when the skills required for a particular job is matched with an applicant who has the required skills. While the skills and person may not always be the same, being flexible can allow the skills of the employee to be utilised.

For example:

Employees may have valuable experience from other roles to offer their workplace. Organisations can benefit from identifying and recognising the skills required to perform a specific duty but also their experience and knowledge from other roles. Organisations therefore may be able to utilise the employee in greater organisational, mentoring or teamwork roles, or promote the person to another position requiring greater responsibility.

Peter is a qualified trainer in a volunteer emergency service in his state. In that capacity he trains people on a regular basis. In emergency call-outs, he is also a team leader with a high level of responsibility. In fact, he has formal certification in a number of aspects of the emergency services, although these qualifications are not nationally recognised. Fortunately, Peter’s employer, a freight rail company, recognises his certificates obtained outside the AQF. He works in a responsible operational role and feels that his leadership skills are valued by the company.