Identifying the skills of workers geographically remote from the assessor

Using ‘point of view glasses’, whereby the applicant or a colleague can record video and audio of the applicant undertaking the skills required can be used. The evidence of competency can then be examined. The 'POV' glasses also allows groups to see the demonstration on screen.

The following example of good skills recognition practice using Point of View glasses comes from South West Institute of Technology, Western Australia:

‘... an innovative way that we conduct our training and assessment uses Point of View (POV) Cameras that capture the learner's point of view as they complete work based activities and can be used as evidence for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or work based assessments. The Point of View cameras and MP4 recorders are being used by the Fitting and Machining and Hairdressing lecturers to carry out work place assessments. The glasses are fitted with a small Point of View camera that records to a pocket size MP4 recorder/player. The video footage (with sound) can then be submitted to the lecturer for assessment against a standard observational checklist.

This technology has enabled students working in remote areas to be assessed in their workplace doing the "real thing" without the need for a lecturer to travel and be there at that exact point in time. This is proving to be an exceptionally flexible tool for collecting valid and reliable evidence for workplace assessments’.