Attraction, branding and recruitment

A potential applicant may have the skills and aptitude required but no formal qualifications. Informing potential applicants that life and work experience will be taken into consideration is an incentive to experienced applicants who might otherwise not apply.

‘... I think it’s a good opportunity for the organisation when we’re looking to recruit outsiders, it could be sold as a bit of a benefit to people ... it can be seen as an incentive for people, that we will recognise their existing talents or skills, and they may be able to be fast tracked into higher paying jobs  ... So I think that that would be a good opportunity ... I don’t think that we’re an employer of choice necessarily for a lot of people’. (A Learning and Development manager in one Rail Company)

Other rail employees reiterated the role of Skills Recognition in recruitment could be further enhanced. For example, one person stated that:

‘For me it’s like we could use it for an incentive in terms of recruitment, in terms of you could take up faster which means you earn more money more quickly. But that’s for the individual. But even from a white collar perspective … got to do all that tortuous leadership and management practice and all that sort of thing. So I think it can fast track and save us a lot of money in terms of training and leave us with more capacity to take up more [relevant] training’. (Training manager, passenger rail operator)